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Letting Go, 2015

Life is Actually Not A Race Against Time!

Hari Prasada Das


Whenever I reflect on my weaknesses to see where I have room to grow, one of the most standout is surely that I feel I’ve made enemies with time...

How do you make an enemy of time? Perhaps you’ve done the same... You look at the dimension as the limiting factor of your life.

How do you not do that when it seems to objectively be just that?

It’s a work in progress for this struggling spiritualist, but a good and motivating one!

How many times do we think, I wish I had more time? That’s the last thought of many souls on this planet. I hope it will not be mine...

There’s only so much you can pack into a day. Dare I say... There’s only so much you can pack into a life! I try my damnedest to remember this crucial fact. And put my big rocks in first... The old Covey analogy – the smaller rocks will fit into the grooves of the big rocks, but not vice versa.

Time forces us to be decisive. To be responsible. To prioritize.

Time is our friend. Time forces us to be humble. To be detached. To let go and let God. To be who we are and not a temporal version of ourselves that walks around for some time and passes away after some more time.

Time is the lynchpin to ground us. Without time, we’re airy and ethereal, at best. Directionless and frivolous.

Time is the canvas to our lives. Without it, there’s nothing to paint on.

Life is actually not a race against time!

We need to find a better measure of meaning than how much we do.

How superhuman we are? Can we embrace our limitations and see them as our ground? Can we be humble and motivated at the same time? I say, why not?

Let us take up this meditation on how time is our friend posing as enemy to the undiscerning, and let us capitalize accordingly... Life looks and feels very different with this lens!

How will you embrace the limiting factor of time?

Hari Prasada Das

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